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Acauã El Bandide Shereya


Born in Fortaleza, Brazil, Acauã was brought up by women teachers and her grandfather a craftsman. She graduated in theatre from IFCE (2009), then in dance from the Curso Técnico em Dança (2012), before taking the Performing Art Advanced Programme (PACAP3) at Fórum Dança in Portugal (2019). She uses the "Gambiarra" to explore possible images of democracy through queer performing bodies. Her artistic universe juxtaposes vulnerability and confusion, dream and nightmare, delicacy and obscenity.

She completed the master's programme at the CCN de Montpellier in 2022, during which she met Nadia Beugré and developed personal projects: Além de vocês, o que tem para comer hoje? presented at the Centre National de la Danse near Paris in 2023 and Nuages Clouds Nuvens, a choreographic and sound project for children. As a performer, she appeared in Apocalypso, a duet danced with and devised by Luara Raio, Feijoadaby Calixto Neto and Prophétique (on est déjà né.es) by Nadia Beugré in 2023.

Acauã is supported by La Briqueterie - CDCN du Val-de-Marne 2022/2023 and lives at Maison Rester. Étranger in the Paris region.

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