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Anoura Aya Labarest


Anoura Aya grew up in the Abobo district of Abidjan.

At the age of 12, she integrates local dance groups and crews.

Spotted for her acrobatic figures, she starts performing for the Ivorian musical scene, including DJ Leo and DJ Zepekegno among others...

She also participates in television battles, including the Babi Dance Battle.

In 2020, she works with choreographer Ange Gbadié and performs with him the following year at the Théâtre de la Ville-Espace Cardin in the framework of a carte blanche given to Nadia Beugré by the Festival d’Automne à Paris.

In 2021 and as part of the training programme set up by the Libr'Arts association, she followed workshops with Nina Kipré (Tché-Tché company), Christian Romain Kossa and Nadia Beugré.

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