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Taylor Dear


As a child in Abidjan, Taylor feels different. Mockery from other children and inappropriate remarks from adults were part of her daily routine. When moving house at the age of 16, she meets a friend who introduced her to photo shoots and social networking. She starts posting photos on Facebook to gain influence and visibility in the Swag movement, and then Instagram: "It was a real eye-opener, I met people like me, special, neglected, misunderstood. I quickly gained confidence. I wanted to share my daily life, to get rid of shyness and frustration. It was also about escaping the blows and aggression of the street. Since then, Tik tok has been my home, my refuge, the place where I can feel like me."

Taylor also campaigns for LGBT rights in Côte d'Ivoire and features in the video cest paé c'est Côte d'Ivoire by Ivorian rapper Elown.

With the Libr'Arts company, through a series of training courses in 2022, followed by a creative residency, she discovered "another universe, a vision of the world, another framework for expression and exchange."

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